Sat, 08 Nov 2014

Rail Trails #13

I have a goal of riding every named Rail-Trail in New York State. There are many more railbeds not used for trains anymore which are also ridable. They are usually unnamed, unsigned, and unpublished. I speculate that this is because the owner is either indifferent or away. I've ridden some of these but I'm more interested in getting the named trails ridden first. I'm uploading them to OpenStreetMap as I go.

Rode three more trails: Charlie Major, Harlem Valley Hillsdale, and Harlem Valley Copake Falls northern extension. It's snowing right now, so I think the rest of these are going to have to wait for next year.

The first trail ride for which I have a date is June of 2004. So this has been a ten-year project for me. Given that I'm not done yet, and they're continually making new trails, it looks like I've got another set of trails to ride.

Trails I've ridden:

Trails I haven't (yet) ridden:

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