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Tue, 05 Aug 2014

Ride starting Sun Jul 27 14:22:00 2014

16.69 km 54754.77 feet 10.37 mi 5421.00 seconds 90.35 minutes 1.51 hours 6.89 mi/hr

This is in two parts because I drove from one section to the other. There's a bridge between these two sections which they're currently working on. It looks like it might be the original steel from the railroad, but they have definitely re-done the abutments. It has no deck, so it would have been kinda crazy to cross it.

Both parts are the Marbletown Rail Trail, or the part of it south of High Falls. I've already ridden the section north of High Falls. The trail is fairly well maintained, except where they are currently working on the bridge.

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