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Sat, 08 Nov 2014


5.82 km 19108.49 feet 3.62 mi 2054.00 seconds 34.23 minutes 0.57 hours 6.34 mi/hr

Rode an undeveloped section of the Harlem Valley Rail Trail. It's open to the public but not paved (yet). It's a portion of the railbed between Copake Falls to Fado Road, Hillsdale. I was able to ride from Ford Lane in Hillsdale south to just shy of NY-22. Unfortunately, the railroad bridge was removed, and Black Grocery Road's bridge was also removed, so there is currently no way across the Roeliff Jansen Kill.

Philip Glick says on Facebook's Abandoned Rails group: "...All I can tell you is the following... The southern abutment and bridge was removed under a NYSDOT project in the early 1990's The three things were low bridge clearance, narrow lanes passing under and poor sight distance around the Northbound NY-22 curve. The bridge that was removed was a Deck girder bridge that was silver in color and the dirt fill was cut back also.

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