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Sat, 14 Sep 2013

Ride starting Sun Jul 7 06:14:04 2013

96.70 km 317257.48 feet 60.09 mi 39766.00 seconds 662.77 minutes 11.05 hours 5.44 mi/hr

Day one of Cycling the Erie Canal tour. Buffalo to Medina. Didn't follow the route in Buffalo, but instead, did my own exploring. Walked across the railroad bridge over Ellicott Creek. Found some forgotten rails embedded in pavement along Fillmore Avenue in Tonawanda, and along multiple roads in North Tonawanda. Also explored the old lift bridge out to Tonawanda Island and the tracks on the island. Rode the rail-trail through Heritage Park in North Tonawanda. I don't know if the trail itself has a name, but I'll call it the Heritage Park Rail Trail.

In Lockport I explored the industrial trackage on the north side of town, and traced the trolley tracks along Mill Street. Took a side trip to find the Rochester, Lockport and Buffalo bridge abutments over the Falls Road Railroad and Telegraph Road between Gasport and Middleport.

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