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Fri, 19 Sep 2008

Ride starting Fri Sep 19 13:04:52 2008

17.57 km 57642.50 feet 10.92 mi 5401.00 seconds 90.02 minutes 1.50 hours 7.28 mi/hr

Rode the Gorge / Link Trail mostly north of Cazenovia. The official trail only goes north, but somebody is mowing the ROW south of the center of Caz. There it runs into a development of nice houses. Too bad they didn't plan to turn the ROW into a trail. It would have joined north and south and made a salable amenity. Oops.

The Gorge Trail only goes up to about Bingley (on the map.) Beyond that it's the Link Trail, part of the North Country Trail. I would have ridden further except that at that point it is signed for only hikers. That's really great for hikers, except that there is no trailhead at that point, and the only evidence of use that far north of Caz are bikers. So they have a nice rail-trail that bikers could use, but it's limited to hikers who aren't using it.

Stupid, stupid, stupid.

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