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Sat, 14 Sep 2013

Ride starting Mon Jul 8 06:35:57 2013

119.84 km 393161.49 feet 74.46 mi 34851.00 seconds 580.85 minutes 9.68 hours 7.69 mi/hr

Day Three of the Cycling the Erie Canal tour. Rode a metric century today. Lots of riding, not much exploring. Stopped in to the Rochester, Lockport and Buffalo station, now a museum in Brockport. Went off-route a bit in Greece to explore the Enlarged Erie Canal past the junction with the Barge Canal. Turns out that they had turned it into a dry dock, which was a great idea except that the barges they were going to work on didn't fit into the Enlarged canal, so it was all a waste. Still some ruins of the drydock to be seen, along with the lock that joined the Enlarged with the Barge canal.

Bicycled acrtoss the Rochester Terminal Branch bridge over the Erie Canal. Deck is poured concrete and is fracturing off at the edges. Just a Bit dodgy. Went into downtown Rochester and bicycled the El Camino Trail. Rode a part of the Pittsford Railroad Loop on the may into Pittsford, just because I could.

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