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Sat, 14 Sep 2013

Ride starting Sat Jul 13 06:58:51 2013

77.88 km 255506.47 feet 48.39 mi 34263.00 seconds 571.05 minutes 9.52 hours 5.08 mi/hr

Day Seven of the Cycling the Erie Canalway tour, Canajoharie to Scotia. The last two days are short. Together they would be one very long day. Went off-route in Fort Hunter at Schoharie Landing. This is one of the few points where the original Erie Canal -- Clinton's Ditch -- the Enlarged Erie canal, and the NYS Barge Canal take disparate routes. The advantage is that you can see what's left of each.

I rode the Towpath Trail on the north side of the Enlarged Erie Canal. It passes one lock that you can only see from this trail, then you cross over onto the main trail at the next lock.

Found a bridge on the Fonda, Gloversville & Johnstown trolley line. Like many trolley lines, it was double-tracked for bidirectional running, so the bridge was quite wide. Chased that into Hutchinson Crossing. Explored quite a bit of the warehouse district north of Amsterdam Road. Some of it is still an active military base even though the warehouses look derelict, so I couldn't explore everywhere there had been railroad tracks.

Rolled into Scotia and set up camp for the last night.

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