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Sun, 12 Oct 2014


49.61 km 162770.33 feet 30.83 mi 12208.00 seconds 203.47 minutes 3.39 hours 9.09 mi/hr

Blogging about this now, because I didn't do it four and a half years ago. Rode the Catharine Valley Rail Trail. It goes from the village of Watkins Glen, fairly close to the current end of the tracks, down to Horseheads. It parallels the Chemung Canal, part of which is still in water. There are a few bits of railroadiana on the way. A steel milepost, a few steel bridges. It departs from the railbed in a few places. In Montour Falls, the railroad went through the middle of an industrial plant, which is still in use and is currently fenced-off.

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