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Sat, 05 Mar 2011

Ride starting Sat Mar 19 09:00:59 2011

34.05 km 111723.18 feet 21.16 mi 10700.00 seconds 178.33 minutes 2.97 hours 7.12 mi/hr

Rode the Joseph B Clarke rail-trail (& friends) last Saturday. It's one of those trails which are maintained by the towns through which it runs, so it changes name every few miles. The Clarke portion is at the lower end. On the way up to Nyack, it changes name to Hadder Park, and then the Raymond G. Esposito Trail. Only the curving portion on the left is paved. The rest, including both legs of the wye, are dirt.

There is no signage, nor did I find it, but there seems to be another section that I missed on the north end of the Clarke legs. The trail runs into a missing bridge over the CSX tracks, but picks up again north of that. Like I say, no signs, so it's kinda lame if that's true.

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