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Sat, 18 Jun 2011

Friday for my June RR hunting trip

Friday I rode four sections of railbed, then spent the night in Hudson.

Ride starting Fri Jun 10 09:12:22 2011

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7.57 km 24820.19 feet 4.70 mi 2536.00 seconds 42.27 minutes 0.70 hours 6.67 mi/hr

The FJ&G Rail-Trail is split into two parts, probably by land ownership and overbuild issues. First, the short piece in Broadlbin.

Ride starting Fri Jun 10 10:10:46 2011

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26.53 km 87056.27 feet 16.49 mi 6208.00 seconds 103.47 minutes 1.72 hours 9.56 mi/hr

Next, the bulk of the trail in Gloversville and Johnstown. Beyond Johnstown the trail enters a different county, plus a WalMart distribution warehouse built over the trail. They'd probably be happy to let the trail skirt their warehouse since it would be a free amenity for their workers. But ... it's a different county; one which has proven less enthusiastic about railtrails.

Ride starting Fri Jun 10 13:54:04 2011

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30.94 km 101504.25 feet 19.22 mi 9026.00 seconds 150.43 minutes 2.51 hours 7.67 mi/hr

Earlier, I bicycled the Catskill Scenic Trail from Stamford and west. This time, I rode it from Stamford east to Grand Gorge and a little beyond. It gets quite muddy beyond the official end of the trail.

Ride starting Fri Jun 10 17:34:36 2011

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8.92 km 29267.20 feet 5.54 mi 3126.00 seconds 52.10 minutes 0.87 hours 6.38 mi/hr

Tannersville has a short trail built on a narrow-gauge railroad. There were actually two railways in town: the Catskill and Tannersville, and the Catskill Mountain Railway. At times they were only a few feet apart from each other. Transportation through the mountains was poor, so there was keen interest in transporting people around.

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