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Sun, 15 Sep 2013

Ride starting Sat Jun 8 15:24:41 2013

6.32 km 20737.31 feet 3.93 mi 2346.00 seconds 39.10 minutes 0.65 hours 6.03 mi/hr

Tarrytown Lakes Extention is an extension to the North County Rail Trail, but it's actually the original main line for the Putnam line. It used to go through Rockefeller's estate, and he simply got tired of it. So he paid the railroad's expenses to relocate the line so it took a different routing. Now it's about a 2 mile long paved rail-trail that goes from Eastview almost to Old White Plains Road. It stops at a railroad bridge that has no decking. It would be a simple thing to add a deck; maybe there is a property restriction beyond that point? It's a nice trail and should be extended.

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