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Tue, 22 Nov 2016

Ride starting Sat Feb 5 15:10:35 2011

80.00 km 262455.44 feet 49.71 mi 19791.00 seconds 329.85 minutes 5.50 hours 9.04 mi/hr

(publishing this in 2016 because I realized I hadn't done so before.)

Was in San Francisco consulting for Wikipedia. Had some spare time on the weekend, so I rented a bicycle and went for a bicycle ride. Rode the Iron Horse (Rail) Trail from Pleasanton to Concord. It's a nice trail, nearly all on the railbed itself, with very few off-trail sections. Was a gorgeous warm day in California. Back home it was cold and snowy, but I was having fun that Saturday.

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Mon, 21 Nov 2016


It's been three years since I updated this section of my blog, but I've got another update to publish. I have a folding bluetooth version of my Chordite now. The pictures of my MarkXVII are over on Flickr. This is 3D printed on my printer. The idea is to be able to print multiple sizes for people with different hand sizes.

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Sun, 16 Oct 2016

Ride starting Sat Jul 23 07:04:26 2016

16.10 km 52829.47 feet 10.01 mi 3231.00 seconds 53.85 minutes 0.90 hours 11.15 mi/hr

The Cauyga-Seneca Canalway Trail is the Lehigh Valley's former Seneca Falls Branch. It mostly runs alongside the Cayuga-Seneca Canal. It's a nice stone dust trail. Not highly used by my estimation. The southern end dead-ends on the busy SH-96A.

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Ride starting Sat Apr 16 15:10:37 2016

2.96 km 9725.74 feet 1.84 mi 1586.00 seconds 26.43 minutes 0.44 hours 4.18 mi/hr

Not an official rail trail, I just wanted to get up on the railbed to explore the bridges over Austin Road. There were probably two dozen tracks there.

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Ride starting Sat Apr 16 07:31:29 2016

10.85 km 35592.32 feet 6.74 mi 3743.00 seconds 62.38 minutes 1.04 hours 6.48 mi/hr

Pat Warner Trail. I rode it further north and south than the trail actually extends. Their plan is to run it all the way up to Buffalo. To the south it runs too close to a nuclear processing plant, so it will have to stop before it gets there.

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