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Sun, 01 Apr 2012

Ride starting Fri Mar 30 10:09:58 2012

37.87 km 124242.57 feet 23.53 mi 8941.00 seconds 149.02 minutes 2.48 hours 9.47 mi/hr

Rode the northern portion of the South County Trailway on Friday. They finished paving it last October. I had visited it in March of 2011 and rode the southern portion of the trailway. I tried riding through the unimproved section, but it was far too muddy. Now, it's gorgeous new pavement.

Now, there's just one impediment to having one complete off-road rail-trail. There are a couple of metal scrapyards in Elmsford which make for about a half-mile of unpassable ROW. Like, really impassable, with fences and crap piled on the trail.

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