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Tue, 15 Apr 2008

Ride starting Sat Apr 12 19:10:36 2008

10.23 km 33575.51 feet 6.36 mi 2283.00 seconds 38.05 minutes 0.63 hours 10.03 mi/hr

Rode the Hudson Valley Rail Trail (plus a bit) on Saturday. It's the Central New England's line from Poughkeepsie to Maybrook, although it's not ridable anywhere near that far. They've gotten money to lay a deck on the bridge and paint the bridge, so eventually the Dutchess Rail Trail and this one will be joinable ... if not joined.

At the south-east end of my ride is a bridge that's out, and in Lloyd is a road bridge that was replaced by a fill without any respect for the integrity of the trail, sigh. Just one eight-foot-diameter culvert would have sufficed. I had to climb over it, enter that section from the road, back-track, and go west from there to the end of the trail. It ends up going past a trailer park, which owns the right-of-way. Eventually they'll recognize it as an amenity and let people develop it as a trail.

Tons and tons of people were using the trail, even though I was riding near dusk, when the trail closes. A trail is a wonderful thing to have.

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