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Sun, 22 Jul 2012

Ride starting Mon Jul 9 06:47:58 2012

121.63 km 399033.72 feet 75.57 mi 37585.00 seconds 626.42 minutes 10.44 hours 7.24 mi/hr

Woke up in Medina, headed to Albion. Did some exploring there (found an interesting industrial siding with a wall and door through which the train went, but there's no barrier keeping you from either side of the wall.) There was a rest stop in Holley, and some trolley railbed and station converted into someone's garage. Explored a bit in Brockport, and could barely see what I wanted to see (the eastern end of the Falls Road). Also explored in Spencerport to see what bridges remained. They're taking the downtown bridge later this season, and already removed the Trimmer Road bridge. :( Buzzed through Rochester and spent the night in Pittsford.

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