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Thu, 05 Apr 2012

Ride starting Sun Apr 1 10:06:06 2012

30.61 km 100411.38 feet 19.02 mi 10607.00 seconds 176.78 minutes 2.95 hours 6.45 mi/hr

Rode the Hurleyville Rail-Trail. Even though the sign on the trailhead says "No ATVs" and "No Snowmobiles", ATVs seem to be the only users of the trail. That may be because ATVs have turned the trail into a sandpit to the east, and a mudpit to the west. Still, if you can get past the 1/4 mile of hellish terrain, the trail becomes much better; tolerable even.

I rode to the east all the way to South Fallsburg, which I had explored about a year ago. The old railroad station is now the police station, much expanded. Beyond that the railbed is overgrown where it isn't people's front yards. Rode to the west all the way to the Quickway (NY-17), where the railbed is cut off.

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