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Sat, 14 Sep 2013

Ride starting Mon Sep 2 16:42:37 2013

5.60 km 18373.40 feet 3.48 mi 2237.00 seconds 37.28 minutes 0.62 hours 5.60 mi/hr

Rode the Kennedy Rail Trail. It's a nice trail, as far as it goes. Could use a bit more work. At least they have a parking area on the north end, but there are wet areas along the way that need better drainage (people are bicycling up along the embankment), and there are a couple of eroded areas that need some fill dropped into them. There's a bridge which obviously got blocked during one rainstorm or another (probably due to a lack of maintenance) and two nearby places got eroded down to the stream level by overflowing the railroad fill.

Could also be extended through through the Kennedy School, if only they were more accepting of public travel through the school property. It could be extended to the Golden's Bridge railroad station. Maybe it would pick up some bicycle commuters that way?

I published some pictures on my Google+ stream.

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