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Sat, 17 Mar 2012

Ride starting Sun Mar 18 11:30:55 2012

10.58 km 34714.90 feet 6.57 mi 4662.00 seconds 77.70 minutes 1.29 hours 5.08 mi/hr

Went for a ride on the Town of Edwards Nature Trail, and then some. It's the old Edwards Branch of the New York Central. Served several talc and gypsum mines. The trail itself is the rightmost half of my trip. The leftmost half was riding on bits and pieces of railbed that ATV riders were still keeping clear.

Found a ton of interesting things. Saw three bridges, all of them very similar in design. I expect that they contracted for all three bridges from the same companay. Saw a steel plate covering a hole in a cliff face. Water was running out from underneath it. I expect that's an old mine adit, or else a drain to keep it free of water. It looks to have been welded shut from inside, so I think it has been shut since they stopped working the mine. Saw an old cinder block building with a chute in the ceiling, fed by a steel box (probably with a conveyor) from another cinder block building higher on the hillside, and it was fed via a concrete chute. Very interesting, but I have no idea what was going on there.

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