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Tue, 23 Sep 2008

Ride starting Sat Sep 20 16:56:06 2008

23.41 km 76792.43 feet 14.54 mi 4419.00 seconds 73.65 minutes 1.23 hours 11.85 mi/hr

Rode on the Jim Schug Rail Trail, from Dryden south. I think I actually rode it a little past the official end of the trail, but it wasn't posted. I did stop where it said "No recreational use." although the right-of-way continued as a road. Rode back on 38 into Dryden.

I saw mention of a possible extension of the trail from Dryden to Freeville, so I went on the north side of Dryden. There's a couple of chains, and a pair of sawhorses in the way, but you can ride all the way to Willow Glen. Unfortunately, just short of the next road, the ROW gets all brushed over. I was able to push through the brush, and about three hundred feer further, I can see why. The stupid highway department filled in the cut!?! How much effort and expense would it have taken to put a culvert at the bottom of the cut, through which to run a trail?

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