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Wed, 24 Oct 2007

Ride starting Fri Oct 26 09:46:24 2007

Rode on three different rail-trails today. w00t w00t. The first is the Wallkill Valley Rail Trail. Second is the Ballston Lake Rail Trail. Third is the Jim Tedisco Fitness Trail.

49.57 km 162618.26 feet 30.80 mi 11914.00 seconds 198.57 minutes 3.31 hours 9.31 mi/hr

The Wallkill Valley Rail Trail follows a portion of the Wallkill Valley Branch. It's about fifteen miles long. I started in the middle, at New Paltz, headed up north to Rosendale, went all the way south to Gardiner, and back up to New Palz. It's a pretty ride, with a few cuts and fills. The north end at Rosendale is curious, because the fellow who owns the bridge and that portion of the trail has decked it at his own expense, but only partially. You go out halfway across the bridge, and the decking just stops.

Ride starting Fri Oct 26 15:04:07 2007

15.00 km 49200.22 feet 9.32 mi 3041.00 seconds 50.68 minutes 0.84 hours 11.03 mi/hr

The second ride was on the Ballston Lake Rail Trail. It follows the old trolley line from Schenectady to Saratoga Springs. It's only 3.5 miles long, but the ATVers keep it open to the north of the official end of the trail. Unfortunately, it runs into a bridge which is out. The abutments look in fine shape, and a little steel and wood would restore the bridge. Hopefully they're considering doing that.

Ride starting Fri Oct 26 16:11:32 2007

3.96 km 12996.06 feet 2.46 mi 1424.00 seconds 23.73 minutes 0.40 hours 6.22 mi/hr

The third ride was on the Jim Tedisco Fitness Trail, which is pitifully short (1/2 mile). It dead-ends on both ends in missing bridges. Better something than nothing, I guess. So, I extended the ride by tracing the route of the railbed south from the missing bridge. Eventually I found tracks!

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