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Wed, 23 Apr 2008

Ride starting Sat Apr 19 19:07:20 2008

7.27 km 23850.51 feet 4.52 mi 2342.00 seconds 39.03 minutes 0.65 hours 6.94 mi/hr

Rode on the Bog Meadow Nature Trail on Saturday, after my mother-in-law's wedding with my now step-father-in-law. I'm just gonna call him "Dad". Simplifies things since all previous contenders for that name are now deceased.

The trail is constructed on the right-of-way of the Saratoga and Schuylerville Railroad. There are parking areas at both ends of the trail. Unfortunately, they haven't pulled the ties. So, not only is the creosote leaking into the bog and the meadow, it's also a bitch to bicycle since the trail is far from smooth. It's fine for hiking, but unless they improve the trail, there's no pleasure in bicycling it.

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