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Sat, 18 Jun 2011

Saturday for my June RR hunting trip

Saturday I rode two sections of one, then another railtrail, all of them paved, then spent the night in Poughkeepsie.

Ride starting Sat Jun 11 09:16:12 2011

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15.26 km 50062.91 feet 9.48 mi 3761.00 seconds 62.68 minutes 1.04 hours 9.08 mi/hr

The Harlem Valley Rail Trail is split into a northern and southern section by some wet railbed, courtesy of the local beaver populaton. This is the northern section

Ride starting Sat Jun 11 10:40:18 2011

#tags bicycling

36.70 km 120393.48 feet 22.80 mi 10565.00 seconds 176.08 minutes 2.93 hours 7.77 mi/hr

Rode the southern section. Got hungry for lunch towards the southern end, so I stopped and grabbed some fries and two foot-long dogs.

Ride starting Sat Jun 11 15:12:19 2011

#tags bicycling

35.75 km 117292.84 feet 22.21 mi 8337.00 seconds 138.95 minutes 2.32 hours 9.59 mi/hr

Old Put or Putnam Branch, went from the Bronx up to Brewster. Most of this line has been converted into a railtrail. It stops short of Brewster by a bit; probably because it's been overbuilt since the railroad was dismantled. In Putnam County, it's the Old Put. South of that, it's the North County and South County railtrails. I've ridden the entire North County Trailway, and part of the South County Trailway.

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