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Sun, 15 Sep 2013

Ride starting Sun Jun 9 08:32:11 2013

13.91 km 45633.92 feet 8.64 mi 5590.00 seconds 93.17 minutes 1.55 hours 5.57 mi/hr

The Liberty O&W Rail Trail follows the route of the New York, Ontario & Western Railroad through town. At the south end in Ferndale, it abruptly ends where a huge trestle carried the railroad over a valley. On the north end it stops when the railroad went behind a bunch of people's houses, and beyond that, at the high school, and beyond that, at another big missing trestle.

Unfortunately, the O&W was abandoned at a time when people weren't thinking about rail-trails, so when they ripped it up, they ripped everything up. Every last bit of metal was sold to help with the bankruptcy debt.

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