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Thu, 05 Apr 2012

Ride starting Sun Apr 1 07:55:31 2012

16.18 km 53074.73 feet 10.05 mi 4058.00 seconds 67.63 minutes 1.13 hours 8.92 mi/hr

Rode the Walden-Walkill Rail Trail, plus a bit more. The railbed between the two communities is nicely paved, with park benches, and structured road crossings and trailhead parking relatively nearby. There's a bit more to the north which is ridable. It dead-ends at River Road because beyond that are the grounds of a prison. It would be nice if they could make some provision for bypassing the prison, because about another two miles north is the Walkill Valley Trail. In principle, depending on property ownership, that railtrail could be extended all the way to Kingston.

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