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Sat, 18 Jun 2011

Sunday for my June RR hunting trip

Rode three railtrails and walked through a railroad tunnel on Sunday.

Ride starting Sun Jun 12 07:18:16 2011

#tags bicycling

47.62 km 156249.94 feet 29.59 mi 13879.00 seconds 231.32 minutes 3.86 hours 7.68 mi/hr

Rode the entire Orange Heritage Trailway, including the undeveloped section to the west. Earlier I had ridden the undeveloped section from Harriman to Monroe. It's a very nice trail, with good pavement, signage and use.

Ride starting Sun Jun 12 12:05:56 2011

#tags bicycling

7.57 km 24828.95 feet 4.70 mi 3120.00 seconds 52.00 minutes 0.87 hours 5.43 mi/hr

Rode the New York, Ontario & Western from Woodridge east to Mountaindale. I'm not sure what the impairment is to close the trail in Mountaindale, but it sure looks impassable to me.

Ride starting Sun Jun 12 12:58:06 2011

#tags bicycling

6.87 km 22555.21 feet 4.27 mi 2342.00 seconds 39.03 minutes 0.65 hours 6.57 mi/hr

Rode from Woodridge west to the Neversink River, where there is a bridge that's out. Even if the bridge was there, after about a mile or so the railroad comes to the Fallsburg tunnel. It's very wet and there are multiple roof collapses inside the tunnel. As one person, it was safe enough to go in, but if I were a public official encouraging people to go through it, I would definitely want to re-line the tunnel to shore up its roof.

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