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Wed, 10 Oct 2012

Ride starting Mon Oct 22 13:50:20 2012

6.25 km 20501.66 feet 3.88 mi 2214.00 seconds 36.90 minutes 0.61 hours 6.31 mi/hr

Rode the Hoosick Greenway Trail on Monday. Only half of my ride was on the trail. It wasn't clear where the trail ends, so I just kept on riding until it because very obvious that I had left the trail. Ended up at Hoosick Junction where there was a train idling, waiting for a green signal to proceed.

Sure enough, just as soon as I started back south, I heard a whistle in the distance. The approaching train was blocking the stopped train's path. They would get the green signal just as soon as it left the block, and the switch was thrown.

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