Wed, 13 Aug 2014

Rail Trails #11

I have a goal of riding every named Rail-Trail in New York State. There are many more railbeds not used for trains anymore which are also ridable. They are usually unnamed, unsigned, and unpublished. I speculate that this is because the owner is either indifferent or away. I've ridden some of these but I'm more interested in getting the named trails ridden first. I'm uploading them to OpenStreetMap as I go.

I'm starting to tread water. I'm finding new trails almost as fast as I ride the remaining trails. In October, I rode the Walkill Valley Rail Trail's new northern section. They decked the rest of the Rondout bridge and opened up the trail nearly into Kingston. In November, on a freezy day, I rode the D&H branch that went through Lyon Mountain. It's not a named trail, but it's an official snowmobile trail. Middle summer, I rode the Kerhonksen Railtrail between there and Accord. It's part of the O&W's Kingston Branch. Also the Marbletown Rail Trail, which I had ridden most of already, but they extended it to the south.

Rode the Dutchess Rail Trail twice this summer, once end-to-end before they finished the bridge and again after they finished it. Rode the Orange Heritage Trail with Bob McCue walking and showing me things. The big ride, though, was the Genesee Valley Greenway from Nunda to Cuba. That was 79 miles out, and 62 miles back. The difference being fewer side trips coming back. I've now ridden all of the GVG that can be bicycled. Some of it could be walked, but other parts are washed out and walking would be a challenge.

Trails I've ridden:

Trails I haven't (yet) ridden:

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