Sun, 26 Jun 2011

Ride starting Sun Jun 26 19:26:51 2011

15.85 km 52013.65 feet 9.85 mi 2597.00 seconds 43.28 minutes 0.72 hours 13.66 mi/hr

Not a long ride at all, but I started pretty late in the day. It was sunny and warm, and not threatening to rain as it had done earlier in the day.

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Sat, 18 Jun 2011

Sunday for my June RR hunting trip

Rode three railtrails and walked through a railroad tunnel on Sunday.

Ride starting Sun Jun 12 07:18:16 2011

#tags bicycling

47.62 km 156249.94 feet 29.59 mi 13879.00 seconds 231.32 minutes 3.86 hours 7.68 mi/hr

Rode the entire Orange Heritage Trailway, including the undeveloped section to the west. Earlier I had ridden the undeveloped section from Harriman to Monroe. It's a very nice trail, with good pavement, signage and use.

Ride starting Sun Jun 12 12:05:56 2011

#tags bicycling

7.57 km 24828.95 feet 4.70 mi 3120.00 seconds 52.00 minutes 0.87 hours 5.43 mi/hr

Rode the New York, Ontario & Western from Woodridge east to Mountaindale. I'm not sure what the impairment is to close the trail in Mountaindale, but it sure looks impassable to me.

Ride starting Sun Jun 12 12:58:06 2011

#tags bicycling

6.87 km 22555.21 feet 4.27 mi 2342.00 seconds 39.03 minutes 0.65 hours 6.57 mi/hr

Rode from Woodridge west to the Neversink River, where there is a bridge that's out. Even if the bridge was there, after about a mile or so the railroad comes to the Fallsburg tunnel. It's very wet and there are multiple roof collapses inside the tunnel. As one person, it was safe enough to go in, but if I were a public official encouraging people to go through it, I would definitely want to re-line the tunnel to shore up its roof.

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Saturday for my June RR hunting trip

Saturday I rode two sections of one, then another railtrail, all of them paved, then spent the night in Poughkeepsie.

Ride starting Sat Jun 11 09:16:12 2011

#tags bicycling

15.26 km 50062.91 feet 9.48 mi 3761.00 seconds 62.68 minutes 1.04 hours 9.08 mi/hr

The Harlem Valley Rail Trail is split into a northern and southern section by some wet railbed, courtesy of the local beaver populaton. This is the northern section

Ride starting Sat Jun 11 10:40:18 2011

#tags bicycling

36.70 km 120393.48 feet 22.80 mi 10565.00 seconds 176.08 minutes 2.93 hours 7.77 mi/hr

Rode the southern section. Got hungry for lunch towards the southern end, so I stopped and grabbed some fries and two foot-long dogs.

Ride starting Sat Jun 11 15:12:19 2011

#tags bicycling

35.75 km 117292.84 feet 22.21 mi 8337.00 seconds 138.95 minutes 2.32 hours 9.59 mi/hr

Old Put or Putnam Branch, went from the Bronx up to Brewster. Most of this line has been converted into a railtrail. It stops short of Brewster by a bit; probably because it's been overbuilt since the railroad was dismantled. In Putnam County, it's the Old Put. South of that, it's the North County and South County railtrails. I've ridden the entire North County Trailway, and part of the South County Trailway.

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Friday for my June RR hunting trip

Friday I rode four sections of railbed, then spent the night in Hudson.

Ride starting Fri Jun 10 09:12:22 2011

#tags bicycling

7.57 km 24820.19 feet 4.70 mi 2536.00 seconds 42.27 minutes 0.70 hours 6.67 mi/hr

The FJ&G Rail-Trail is split into two parts, probably by land ownership and overbuild issues. First, the short piece in Broadlbin.

Ride starting Fri Jun 10 10:10:46 2011

#tags bicycling

26.53 km 87056.27 feet 16.49 mi 6208.00 seconds 103.47 minutes 1.72 hours 9.56 mi/hr

Next, the bulk of the trail in Gloversville and Johnstown. Beyond Johnstown the trail enters a different county, plus a WalMart distribution warehouse built over the trail. They'd probably be happy to let the trail skirt their warehouse since it would be a free amenity for their workers. But ... it's a different county; one which has proven less enthusiastic about railtrails.

Ride starting Fri Jun 10 13:54:04 2011

#tags bicycling

30.94 km 101504.25 feet 19.22 mi 9026.00 seconds 150.43 minutes 2.51 hours 7.67 mi/hr

Earlier, I bicycled the Catskill Scenic Trail from Stamford and west. This time, I rode it from Stamford east to Grand Gorge and a little beyond. It gets quite muddy beyond the official end of the trail.

Ride starting Fri Jun 10 17:34:36 2011

#tags bicycling

8.92 km 29267.20 feet 5.54 mi 3126.00 seconds 52.10 minutes 0.87 hours 6.38 mi/hr

Tannersville has a short trail built on a narrow-gauge railroad. There were actually two railways in town: the Catskill and Tannersville, and the Catskill Mountain Railway. At times they were only a few feet apart from each other. Transportation through the mountains was poor, so there was keen interest in transporting people around.

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Catching up on some old rides...

Ride starting Sun May 29 15:32:39 2011

#tags bicycling

28.13 km 92301.46 feet 17.48 mi 4820.00 seconds 80.33 minutes 1.34 hours 13.06 mi/hr

Up to Norwood and back through Burnhams Corners.

Ride starting Mon May 30 13:44:13 2011

#tags bicycling

31.42 km 103074.41 feet 19.52 mi 6479.00 seconds 107.98 minutes 1.80 hours 10.85 mi/hr

Out to a friend's house and ...

Ride starting Mon May 30 17:01:00 2011

#tags bicycling

7.85 km 25755.95 feet 4.88 mi 1403.00 seconds 23.38 minutes 0.39 hours 12.52 mi/hr

... back home again.

Ride starting Wed Jun 1 18:26:43 2011

#tags bicycling

11.33 km 37159.00 feet 7.04 mi 1772.00 seconds 29.53 minutes 0.49 hours 14.30 mi/hr

Short afternoon ride just "around the block" from town.

Ride starting Fri Jun 3 14:48:13 2011

#tags bicycling

15.56 km 51049.30 feet 9.67 mi 4170.00 seconds 69.50 minutes 1.16 hours 8.35 mi/hr

Did some shopping then ran out to Hewittville and back.

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Sun, 05 Jun 2011

Ride starting Sat Jun 4 16:09:18 2011

43.78 km 143645.65 feet 27.21 mi 9319.00 seconds 155.32 minutes 2.59 hours 10.51 mi/hr

Today was a dirt road day. Rode the Lenny Road from Browns Bridge up to Colton; then the Leary Road; then entire length of the French Hill Road and whatever else it becomes on the way north to the Old Potsdam-Parishville Road. Have been wanting to ride the French Hill road the whole way for a while now. Was nice. Very quiet.

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