Sun, 31 Aug 2008

Ride starting Sun Aug 31 10:22:24 2008

9.18 km 30119.04 feet 5.70 mi 2720.00 seconds 45.33 minutes 0.76 hours 7.55 mi/hr

Heather and I went for another tandem ride. Still getting used to the new bike.

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Ride starting Sat Aug 30 15:36:00 2008

50.00 km 164041.63 feet 31.07 mi 12292.00 seconds 204.87 minutes 3.41 hours 9.10 mi/hr

Rode out to the west side of the Racquette River, then north to Raymondville. Stopped in to the Big M in Norwood to pick up some PowerAde(tm). Went out on the Norwood & St. Lawrence railbed (now someone's driveway; with permission) and took photos of the bridge (still there; still in excellent shape). Went around through Raymondville and south to Norfolk.

Went looking for OBPA #1. Didn't find it, unfortunately. I heard on that it had been sold for scrap. Doesn't surprise me; when I photographed it in 2004 it was in very sad shape. I did find that the NY&O rehabilitated the track that was formerly brushed over. They're now able to put about twenty cars onto that track. It's currently holding four.

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Sat, 30 Aug 2008

Ride starting Fri Aug 29 11:02:35 2008

15.86 km 52036.70 feet 9.86 mi 4008.00 seconds 66.80 minutes 1.11 hours 8.85 mi/hr

This ride probably looks a little weird because it has three points and no loops. Heather and I picked up a tandem bicycle at Ted's. I rode it home from Potsdam, then she and I went for a ride out to Rt. 56 and back home again. She did very well! Our moving average was 10mph, and her feet gave her no trouble. Worst problem was a sore butt, but that's typical of a first ride after many years off the bicycle.

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Fri, 29 Aug 2008

A Free and Perfect Market?

Okay, I don't understand this idea:

At the heart, that is why free-market theory is flawed: it assumes perfect information and perfect competition; but there is no such thing as perfect information or perfect competition, only approximations of those things. Which is why the market sort of looks like it acts similar to free-market theory predicts, but not quite.

Where in the world do people get these ideas from?? Who ever told this fellow that free markets require perfect information and perfect competition? Where does this idiotic idea come from? Is some bad teacher of economics running around saying it? Anybody know?

Miklos points me to Walras as a primary source of this idea. Obviously, Walras thought it was a good idea, but you can see from the quote above that it has had bad consequences among non-economists. I've found a book entitled Perfect Competition and the Transformation of Economics and may purchase and read it. Then again, at $220, maybe not. It's only $67 as a Kindle Book, and a Kindle is only $259 with an Amazon Visa. So, I could get buy the book and for an additional $100 get a Kindle.

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Ride starting Tue Aug 26 16:21:06 2008

20.91 km 68608.45 feet 12.99 mi 3562.00 seconds 59.37 minutes 0.99 hours 13.13 mi/hr

Hmmm.... GPS receiver got confused. I stopped in to Evans and Whites hardware store to exchange a power cord, producing the spike at the south, and Radio Shack, producing the spike to the west. Still, the stats are probably pretty close to accurate.

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Tue, 26 Aug 2008

Potsdam's Raymond Street Water Plant

I really like retrophotos. That's where somebody goes to a location with an old photo, and takes a modern version of the same photo. Here's my contribution to the genre. This is Potsdam, NY's old water plant, built in the 1800's. The 2008 photo has the modern water plant in the foreground.

Old photos courtesy of the Potsdam Public Museum, 2008.

1900s Potsdam Public Museum 2008 (Thumbnail) 1970s Potsdam Public Museum 2008 (Thumbnail) 2008 (Thumbnail)

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Ride starting Mon Aug 25 11:14:41 EDT

21.36 km 70068.96 feet 13.27 mi 4658.00 seconds 77.63 minutes 1.29 hours 10.26 mi/hr

Went down to Lake Placid for a ride with a friend. Her first ride in two years, so not a bad pace at all. Had great fun, would love to do it again.

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Thu, 21 Aug 2008

Black River Trail to get a wholly paved surface

I've ridden the Carthage branch of the New York Central twice (12 , and blogged about it three times (3). The third time I opined that someone who gave his life for our daily pleasure ought to be honored just as much as someone who gave his life for our freedom. I didn't have easy access to that person's name then, but he is Richard R. Parker, a state employee, who died while operating an 8-ton roller on the trail. The Black River Trail will be completely blacktopped soon, according to an article in the Watertown Daily Times.

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Wed, 20 Aug 2008

Ride starting Wed Aug 20 16:04:05 2008

8.23 km 27007.39 feet 5.12 mi 1440.00 seconds 24.00 minutes 0.40 hours 12.79 mi/hr

Rode into town to get some bicycling advice from Ted.

Ride starting Wed Aug 20 16:44:06 2008 #tags bicycling

9.58 km 31433.47 feet 5.95 mi 1642.00 seconds 27.37 minutes 0.46 hours 13.05 mi/hr

He lowered my seat, oh, and pumped up my tires, not that that's the problem with my knees.

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Ride starting Tue Aug 19 16:56:01 2008

24.58 km 80643.10 feet 15.27 mi 4347.00 seconds 72.45 minutes 1.21 hours 12.65 mi/hr

Went out Old Market Road .... all the way south, down Garnet's section as well. Just a bit muddy, but no trees in the way, not like last time.

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Sun, 17 Aug 2008

Ride starting Sat Aug 16 17:19:52 2008

40.45 km 132721.06 feet 25.14 mi 9943.00 seconds 165.72 minutes 2.76 hours 9.10 mi/hr

Got back from ten days in India. With 8 days in Portland for OSCON, that's nearly half of the last month spent out of the saddle. So no wonder I went a slow pace and got a cramp on top of that. Went south of Potsdam, which I usually don't do, given that I live to the north of it. Went looking at the Perrin Road (southern-most curved road, or just click on the map). Spied an apple tree full of ripe apples at an old farm. Makes me think about asking the owner for permission to pick them.

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Sun, 03 Aug 2008

Ride starting Sun Aug 3 18:57:07 2008

21.90 km 71853.58 feet 13.61 mi 5209.00 seconds 86.82 minutes 1.45 hours 9.41 mi/hr

Went for a ride in the rain. Didn't mean to, but I was prepared for it, both physically and mentally. Had plastic bags for the cellphone and camera. Considered turning back, but decided that there was no harm in getting soaked.

But the reason I went for the ride was to look for the railroad sidings which used to serve the quarry belonging to Barrett's Paving Materials. It's north of Norwood and south of Norfolk. Closer to the latter, but has an address of the former. I found the sidings, took some snaps, and have uploaded them to a Flickr Set: Lost Barretts Sidings.

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