Sun, 03 Aug 2008

Ride starting Sun Aug 3 18:57:07 2008

21.90 km 71853.58 feet 13.61 mi 5209.00 seconds 86.82 minutes 1.45 hours 9.41 mi/hr

Went for a ride in the rain. Didn't mean to, but I was prepared for it, both physically and mentally. Had plastic bags for the cellphone and camera. Considered turning back, but decided that there was no harm in getting soaked.

But the reason I went for the ride was to look for the railroad sidings which used to serve the quarry belonging to Barrett's Paving Materials. It's north of Norwood and south of Norfolk. Closer to the latter, but has an address of the former. I found the sidings, took some snaps, and have uploaded them to a Flickr Set: Lost Barretts Sidings.

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