Sun, 17 Aug 2008

Ride starting Sat Aug 16 17:19:52 2008

40.45 km 132721.06 feet 25.14 mi 9943.00 seconds 165.72 minutes 2.76 hours 9.10 mi/hr

Got back from ten days in India. With 8 days in Portland for OSCON, that's nearly half of the last month spent out of the saddle. So no wonder I went a slow pace and got a cramp on top of that. Went south of Potsdam, which I usually don't do, given that I live to the north of it. Went looking at the Perrin Road (southern-most curved road, or just click on the map). Spied an apple tree full of ripe apples at an old farm. Makes me think about asking the owner for permission to pick them.

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