Tue, 11 Nov 2008

Marching Morons of Equality

The marching morons are all in favor of Equality. We know this. We also know that because people are different, Equality is a code word for chopping the bits off everyone that do not fit into their mold. Inequality is the nature of diverse humans. Even the Equality morons end up having to acknowledge this. These particular morons (local copy, fair use for commentary) have broken into a run.

Pay particular attention to the last bit, where they say:

Because of feedback we have received from my last email, combined with the wish to make the conference available to as many people as possible. To meet this need we have changed the costing structure. Based on an idea from "Radiohead" we are asking people to make us an offer reflecting your circumstances and what you consider the conference is worth.

HAR! The magnitude of the irony is simply beyond belief. Moron is as moron does, I suppose.

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