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The demands made on us to understand the issues of Equality and Diversity are increasing.  To be able to deliver Equality effectively within the boundaries of today’s society takes knowledge and skill.

To assist in meeting this we will be running regular conferences as part of Network Equality.  The idea behind Network Equality is to create a community of like minded individuals, who all wish to see the destructive effects of inequality squashed.  The aim of the conferences is to examine a whole range of issues which inform and animate the debates around Equality and Diversity. 

We still have a long way to go to combat, prejudice and discrimination.  But whenever someone challenges hatred and inequality we create an equality moment and move one step closer to our vision.  Network Equality is about equipping people with the confidence, knowledge, skill and capabilities to make these challenges productive.

As people with an interest in Equality and Diversity Issues it is our role to generate and innovate new ideas as to how we manage the issues and communicate these in a productive manner.  The aim of these conferences is to assist in these processes.

Cost of Inequality Conference December 3rd   

The cost of inequality is about the effects of social and economic inequality on individuals, communities and society.  By doing this we gain a deeper understanding of why we need good equality practices but also what the likely consequences of not doing equality are likely to be.

This gives us insights into how we think, feel and experience our lives.  Inequality and its by-products of discrimination, suppression and prejudice release the destructive forces of fear, hatred, depression, stress, anxiety, helplessness, hostility, insecurities and low self esteem. 

These destructive forces are felt by all of us and affect all areas of our lives, including housing, education, crime, health and work.

We have four speakers

  • Zahid Nawz
  • Mohammed Yaseen
  • Marie Greer
  • David Brown

They will be dealing with the topic of Cost of Inequality from the perspective of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, a Regional Development Agency, Housing and Crime.

The conference takes place in Wolverhampton (at Novotel) from 10:00 to 16:00 on 3rd December

Because of feedback we have received from my last email, combined with the wish to make the conference available to as many people as possible.  To meet this need we have changed the costing structure.

Based on an idea from “Radiohead” we are asking people to make us an offer reflecting your circumstances and what you consider the conference is worth. 

To book please give us a call on 0121 212 3410 or email us on