Sat, 05 Sep 2009

Ride starting Sat Sep 5 15:21:35 2009

76.51 km 251014.88 feet 47.54 mi 18315.00 seconds 305.25 minutes 5.09 hours 9.34 mi/hr

(Posted a week late.)

My 28th wedding anniversary! A good day for a nearly 50 mile bike ride, excepting that I had forgotten that I was taking Heather out to dinner to celebrate, sigh. I took her out for ice cream as a consolation, and took her to dinner on the following Wednesday. The ride was excellent otherwise. Went along the Rutland Trail from "North Stockholm" aka Knapps Station to Moira. I'd done a similar ride four years ago except that Heather picked me up at the far end.

Either I'm willing to spend more time on the bike, or else I'm in better shape and simply don't notice the miles, because I wasn't particularly tired after this ride, whereas I remember being worn out when Heather came to get me four years ago.

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