Mon, 05 Sep 2005

Ride starting Mon Sep 5 13:58:11 2005

47.99 km 157436.24 feet 29.82 mi 14792.00 seconds 246.53 minutes 4.11 hours 7.26 mi/hr

Rode most of the Rutland Trail today. If I had started in Norwood, it would have been the entire trail. There's a couple of detours off the railbed; one in Winthrop where the bridge is out and another in North Lawrence, again where the bridge is out. The trail actually extends beyond Moira by almost two miles. Beyond that, somebody used the trail as their driveway and the other end of that .58 mile section ends in another bridge that's out. Then in Brushton you have a section of the trail in the village that is basically in people's back yards, then another section behind some businesses, then another section leading up to a missing bridge, and finally the last quarter-mile section on the way out of the village has been built upon. So Brushton is a black hole as far as the Rutland Trail is concerned.

So today is our 24th wedding anniversary. Took Heather out to dinner Saturday, and out for ice cream today. She was really sweet, and drove out to Moira to pick me up after my ride. I had never ridden so much of the Rutland in one day as today. Excellent ride!

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