Sat, 27 Oct 2012

Ride starting Mon Oct 22 15:49:51 2012

24.69 km 80993.28 feet 15.34 mi 6384.00 seconds 106.40 minutes 1.77 hours 8.65 mi/hr

On Friday, I rode the D&H trail between Granville and West Pawlet, VT, in the rain. That wasn't so much fun after a while, so when I got to West Pawlet, I turned around. On Monday, for this ride, I went back and rode it from Rupert, VT, back north to West Pawlet.

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Ride starting Fri Oct 19 10:09:51 2012

23.52 km 77175.66 feet 14.62 mi 6742.00 seconds 112.37 minutes 1.87 hours 7.80 mi/hr

Rode the NY portion of the D&H Rail Trail from Granville to West Pawlet. The trail continues to the south, but given that my entire ride was a rain that varied between drizzling and pouring, I decided that enough was enough. On the following Monday I came back up and rode the rest of it..

It's nicely maintained in the village, but just peters away on the north end. Eventually it becomes a farm road and then it's just overgrown.

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Ride starting Mon Oct 22 13:50:20 2012

6.25 km 20501.66 feet 3.88 mi 2214.00 seconds 36.90 minutes 0.61 hours 6.31 mi/hr

Rode the Hoosick Greenway Trail on Monday. Only half of my ride was on the trail. It wasn't clear where the trail ends, so I just kept on riding until it because very obvious that I had left the trail. Ended up at Hoosick Junction where there was a train idling, waiting for a green signal to proceed.

Sure enough, just as soon as I started back south, I heard a whistle in the distance. The approaching train was blocking the stopped train's path. They would get the green signal just as soon as it left the block, and the switch was thrown.

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Wed, 10 Oct 2012

Ride starting Tue Oct 9 12:41:53 2012

4.07 km 13343.96 feet 2.53 mi 2194.00 seconds 36.57 minutes 0.61 hours 4.15 mi/hr

Found another short bit of Rutland Railroad which is open (free of brush and not posted). The west end terminates at a missing bridge. The east end is posted with a sign saying "No Snowmobiles", but I was later told by an ATV rider that he rides it all the time, so ... Maybe it really means exactly that: no snowmobiles.

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Ride starting Tue Oct 9 09:48:53 2012

3.99 km 13091.87 feet 2.48 mi 2122.00 seconds 35.37 minutes 0.59 hours 4.21 mi/hr

Rode another part of the Rutland Railroad. This part is in Vermont and is called the Island Line Trail. It goes from the south tip of South Hero Island out on a causeway through Lake Champlain. It was damaged by the high waters produced by Hurricane Irene, but is still passable. I rather from photos that the other, longer end going up from Colchester was much more badly damaged, like with huge gaping holes. These ends meet at a location which was formerly a swing bridge, but which is now an empty gap, crossable in the summer via a ferry boat run by a local bicycle advocacy organization, Local Motion.

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Sat, 06 Oct 2012

Ride starting Fri Sep 21 15:59:25 2012

14.33 km 47024.63 feet 8.91 mi 2600.00 seconds 43.33 minutes 0.72 hours 12.33 mi/hr

Bicycled the Philip A. Rayhill Memorial Recreational Trail. Not a terribly long trail, but it was pretty and paved, even if it did manage to only go along the railbed for a fraction of its length. Nice trailheads at both ends and in the middle, so it's great for walkers. Nice signage, some overlooks over the water, park benches. Utica has itself a nice trail here.

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