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Sat, 06 Oct 2012

Ride starting Tue Oct 9 09:48:53 2012

3.99 km 13091.87 feet 2.48 mi 2122.00 seconds 35.37 minutes 0.59 hours 4.21 mi/hr

Rode another part of the Rutland Railroad. This part is in Vermont and is called the Island Line Trail. It goes from the south tip of South Hero Island out on a causeway through Lake Champlain. It was damaged by the high waters produced by Hurricane Irene, but is still passable. I rather from photos that the other, longer end going up from Colchester was much more badly damaged, like with huge gaping holes. These ends meet at a location which was formerly a swing bridge, but which is now an empty gap, crossable in the summer via a ferry boat run by a local bicycle advocacy organization, Local Motion.

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