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Fri, 02 Sep 2005


If George Bush were truly a Republican, here's the speech he would give:

My heart goes out to all Americans who have suffered, who are suffering, and who will suffer from the continued effects of hurricane Katarina. Their suffering has just started, as many of them have no homes to return to, no employment, and little hope.

Many American are looking to the Federal Government to help with Katarina relief. They're looking in the wrong place. In any disaster, information is scarce and needs are scattered. In all humility, we in the Federal Government simply don't know, and can't know whose needs are highest. The people who will provide the soonest help, the most help, and the best help are you, the American People. Many voluntary agencies have already mobilized to help the katarina victims, well in advance of the donations needed to pay for the mobilization.

Y'know folks, the people of the Gulf Coast need my salary more than I do. Everybody knows that I'm well off. I appreciate the salary that comes with the office of President, but I'm going to donate September's salary to my church, to the Red Cross, and to the Salvation Army. I encourage every other elected leader to lead in the most tangible manner possible: with their wallet.

For those of you who pray, pray for the people of the Gulf Coast. For those of you who do not, keep your thoughts close to the victims. They'll need your good thoughts. Thank you.

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