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Wed, 02 Mar 2005


I'm resigning from the presidency of the Open Source Initiative, effective last Wednesday (2/23). I have waited to make this announcement because it is not easy to admit inadequacy publicly. I have no trouble telling people that I am a poor swimmer, but that is of no matter to me since I don't care about swimming. I care very much that OSI have a good president. I don't like politics, and it's become evident in recent weeks that OSI's role has rapidly become much more political. I am not ready for the position of president; certainly not by training and perhaps not even by temperment. The entire board is unanimous in agreeing that we need a president with more political savvy than I.

Michael Tiemann is the new president pro tem. He will do an excellent job until we reconstitute a larger board. We will then elect a president for a full term of office. I'll continue to serve on the board as the chairman of the license approval committee, and as an at-large member. Congratulations to Michael!

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