Sun, 10 Feb 2008

ASUS Eee PC hands-on

I finally got to put my hands on the ASUS Eee PC, at The Computer Guys, here in Potsdam. It's a solid-state subnotebook. Runs Linux. Comes with Open Office, a few games, a web browser. Has Ethernet, Wi-Fi, three USB, one SD slot, and audio in and out. Supports SDHC. Seems very sturdy.

It's wicked small, being a subnotebook. Tiny keys, but you can almost touch-type on it. The key feel is good enough, given the size. The nicest thing about it is its size. It's smaller than a hardcover book. If I wasn't already flush with mobile devices (Toshiba laptop, XO, n810, n800, n770, and various iPAQs), I would definitely buy one.

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