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Mon, 24 Apr 2006


I was an invited speaker at DORS/CLUC (Open Source group / Linux Users group) in Zagreb, Croatia last week. I was speaking on "Why are there so many open source licenses?" I think I did a good job on the talk. I noticed a few people yawning with ten minutes to go, but that's more likely due to the subject matter than my presentation of it. Left ten minutes for questions and went out to sixteen minutes with three questioners, so clearly there was some enthusiasm.

Went geocaching in Mirogoj Cemetary. It's a really big cemetary. This wall traverses the length of it:
Mirogoj Cemetary (Thumbnail) .

Found the Norwegian Embassy while wandering around:
Norwegian Embassy (Thumbnail) .

Tuesday night on the way back from dinner we walked past the nicely lit Cathedral of Marijina Uznesenja. Took a three-second time exposure of it:
Cathedral of Marijina Uznesenja (Thumbnail) .
During the day: Cathedral of Marijina Uznesenja (Thumbnail) .

Wednesday night we ate the penguin. It was a little creepy to be eating the body of our mascot. Too much symbolism there for me, particularly in a Catholic country. Kristijan:
Kristijan Zimmer eating Tux (Thumbnail) .

They served animal crackers shaped like letters at the breaks. I noticed that there were enough letters to spell out the name of the conference (Vlatka suggested the upside-down 7 as an L, and the totally forged 6):
DORS/CLUB 2006 (Thumbnail) .

You can buy Open Office off the shelf at FER:
Open Office (Thumbnail) .

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