Fri, 14 Jul 2006

Handbells in a Pickup Truck

Okay, if somebody can make a movie about Snakes on a Plane, then I can write a blog entry about handbells in a pickup truck. No, not carried; playing. We got invited to play handbells in the Potsdam 200th anniversary (aka bicentennial) parade. Without time to arrange for a flatbed truck, we used the next best thing at hand: our pickup truck.

We put one of our 6' tables in the back of the truck. At the end were two chairs for the middle note ringers who preferred comfy chairs over the pickup truck side rails. Taped "Noteworthy Handbell Choir" signs to the side, practiced two pieces playable by six people, we're off! Got lots of smiles and compliments.

I will update this blog entry when I have photos.

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