Sat, 29 Mar 2008

Two Local Morons

We have not one but two local morons who have opened their mouths and proven the fact. First, we have the Deputy Mayor of Potsdam, Ruth Garner, who was quoted by the Daily Courier-Observer as saying:

"If everybody is allowed to put out signs on all of the things they agree or disagree with, good God, it would be chaos," said Garner.

Welcome to America, Mrs. Garner, where we have freedom of speech. Whether you feel that voters' opinions are "chaos" or not, you don't have the ability to control their speech.

Second, we have Tom Sauter, who has earlier made a fool of himself. Apparently that's part of his job description, because he continues to do it. DANC (Tom's employer) is going to run fiber optic cables to the counties' industrial parks. First, fiber optic cable is not magic. The phone company and cable companies are happy to run fiber wherever they need to, in response to customer demand. So whenever DANC starts spouting the magic of economic development through fiber optic cable, I have to cough "bullshit" into my hand. Second, the very article announcing this points out that of eight industrial parks, two or three have fiber optic lines. Tom (the moron) then tries to claim that there would not be overlap with private companies in the areas in question. Is Tom ignorant of those two or three industrial parks that do have fiber? Or is he, again, lying?

Note that I hold out no criticism of Tom Sauter the person. A guys's gotta make a living. I just think that his job requires him to utter things which are utterly stupid.

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