Fri, 30 May 2008

This is mercantilism

The F.X. Matt brewery in Utica, NY, suffered a fire on Thursday. It's a serious problem for them because it's their canning operation. They presumably have insurance, but of course the problem is that they can't sell any product until they rebuild. This is going to be hard for them, but they will recover.

Unfortunately, you also have these assholes sticking their noses in:

Gov. David Paterson's office and the Empire State Development agency are already pledging aid. The Oneida County executive, state legislators and Utica's mayor also talked Thursday night of finding ways to assist F. X. Matt recover and rebuild.

This is mercantilism! This is BAD, folks! Governments don't know how to run businesses. They don't know this because they get paid by taxpayers. Taxpayers MUST pay their taxes regardless of whether they like the government or not. Their only alternative is to leave. Voting against taxes is ineffectual. We voted down the school budget for next year, and yet the State of New York allows them to run with a provisional budget ANYWAY in spite of the voter's preferences.

F.X. Matt will rebuild. Government will help them. But don't confuse this with capitalism. It has the stink of mercantilism, through and through.

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