Tue, 14 Sep 2010

Stupid Conservatives

Yo! Stupid conservatives! Y'all keep whinging about how wonderful it is that Arizona is FINALLY doing something about immigration. It sounds like you wish that the Federal Government would do its job and keep those dratted foreigners out.

Well, I have exactly zero words for you:

[nelson@desk ~]$ grep -i immigration ~/Constitution 
[nelson@desk ~]$ 
Yes, that's right, immigration is not one of the enumerated powers. Maybe you'd like it to be? Maybe you wish that it was? Maybe you're willing to give this one power, just this one, to the Feds?

Well, I have exactly one word for you: emigration.
If the Feds can control immigration even though the Constitution doesn't give them that power, then they can also control emigration. So when the USA turns into the communist USSA and Der Presidente for life decides that you can't leave, where are you going to be THEN??

The Feds don't have the ability to stop people from entering or leaving the United States, and that's a good thing.

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