Sun, 26 Aug 2007

Missing August

Hi, I'm missing my August ... has anyone seen it? I've been travelling so much in August that I hardly remember where I live anymore. Been to Mumbai, Boston, Storrs CT. I find it difficult to blog remotely. Maybe if I had blogging software on my N800, which is always with me. Unfortunately, the blogging software which knows how to post on pyblosxom is also massively unreliable, and the blogging software that works doesn't know how to post on pyblosxom. Sounds like a job for Super Open Source Man! Yeah, one of these days, one of these days.

Lots to write about, like the skin infection on my leg, which looks like ... well, go look at the photos on flickr, which I got on my trip to Goa, which really is quite beautiful, sun, sand, and surf, if you can ignore the River Princess. But ... it's 3:30AM and I need to get on to EST rather than IST.

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