Fri, 06 Nov 2009

And a pony

The whole "health care reform" thing totally baffles me. Where do all these idiots (and yes, you ARE idiots) who support health care reform think the money is going to come from for all these improvements? Cost savings?? Sorry, idiots, but if savings were already available, insurance companies would have already gotten them, and kept them for themselves. Is that not completely obvious? It's GONNA cost more, and it's GONNA cover less.

There is a way to get more for less, but it requires that people understand and accept that free markets actually work. And yet there are so many people who are convinced that somehoww health care is some kind of magic market where the laws of economics don't fly, where pigs do fly, and where everyone can get all the health care they want for almost no money.

And a pony.

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