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Sat, 29 Jun 2013


It's been a couple of years since I updated this section of my blog, but I've finally got an update to publish. I have a folding bluetooth version of my Chordite now. The pictures of my MarkXVI are over on Flickr. This one is still made out of shapelock. I tried, without much success to have the ground wires be the frame of the keyboard, so you could bend them into the shape you want before setting it into stone with the Shapelock.

This version also has, in addition to a USB interface, a bluetoooth interface. Finally found a module that would work reasonably well with a Teensy. I've recently found one which might not even need a Teensy, but it needs more development than I want to put into it right now.

The XVII will have a 3D printed key holder, with the idea that I can measure people's hands and make them a bespoke keyboard that fits their hand well enough.

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