Fri, 03 Mar 2006

Mark I keyboard

The dog ate my keyboard!

No, seriously, the dog chewed it to bits. Fortunately, the keys fell off and survived. I had taken a few photos, but I wasn't very pleased with them, so I deleted them. The thumbgrip was thicker than the Mark II, and the keys for each finger were co-planar. The trouble with having both keys in the same plane is that your finger needs to be mostly straight to push them without any sideways pressure. If your fingers are bent (as required by the Mark I), each section of the finger revolves around the joint at its base. The switch should therefore be lined up perpendicular to the joint. The trouble then is that when you press both keys, the greater the angle off the plane, the more sideways movement of the skin.

At least, that's the theory. The Marquardt keys only travel 1.6mm. If the angle between the keys is 5 degrees, sin(5.0/360*2*pi) is .087. The sideways movement on the fingers is .14mm. Hardly noticable.

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