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Wed, 26 Aug 2015

Ride starting Sun Aug 30 10:12:17 2015

13.96 km 45791.08 feet 8.67 mi 7119.00 seconds 118.65 minutes 1.98 hours 4.39 mi/hr

As of today, riding the Terry Gordon Recreation Path, I've ridden every named rail-trail in New York State. It's a nice trail. A bit short, only 1.6 miles, but paved the whole way, with no road crossings. I rode it twice, the first time using the Mapillary application to take pictures the length of the path. Rode it a second time to examine everything along the way, including two mini-parks on Lake Champlain. Tried to stop by the Champlain Valley Transportation Museum, but it's only open afternoons Tue to Sat. Rode on side streets on the way back, just to be different.

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